Every girl loves chocolates and would fancy if her guy buys her chocolates. Chocolates are more interest sting if they are coming from your special one. Yes buying yourself chocolate is not a big deal, but being given by your loved one is even more interesting.  You however have to get his attention for him to start buying you chocolates.  If you are seeking a sugar daddy to do that for you, there are many factors that come to play that you should know for you to be a success, they include:

Winning Him to Buy You Chocolates

Choose the right site

There are many websites from which one can get sugar daddies but some sites are more successful than others.  Different terms also have different terms and conditions that make them better than others. It’s upon you to do a research to find a site that will best suit your needs and a site with a high success rate.

Choose the right name

Whether you believe it or not, sugar baby names have an influence on the kind of mate you attract and your rate of success. In every site, the first step is choosing a sugar baby name. It will give others the first impression of who you are before they even get to know you. Your name should be easy to remember and identify. You don’t want a complicated name which one will hardly remember. Your name should also be short and sweet. People are more likely to remember short names as compared to long names.

Choose a good picture

A profile with a picture has a high success rate than a profile with no picture. A profile with a great picture has a chance of even higher success rate. Therefore you should choose a great picture to get more hits and make you win a sugar daddy easily.

Be positive

Everyone wants to be around people with positive energy. When you are positive you are automatically more attractive. Even if it’s through a written profile, people can still tell your positivity from the kind of words you choose to use, therefore choose words wisely so that you don’t come out negative, arrogant or rude.

Have confidence

There is nothing as good as being confident in yourself, it will make others confident in you. Confidence attracts confidence therefore you should always be confident. Show you understand yourself and what you want. No one wants someone who does not understand who they are. Make sure you don’t show any level of insecurity by any chance

Be fun

In your conversations don’t be uptight, try to be easy and fun at the same time flirty. It will make you more approachable and will make others want to be associated with you.


Once you have gotten his attention then anything is possible, you may start landing your chocolates. Always be positive, confident and wear the right outfits that flatter you. Also always remember to be interesting and fun and make him crave for your attention.