Bees are crucial in the eco-system keeping the human race and other animals and plants alive and thriving, so it makes sense to be shocked when you find out bees are causing serious damage to your property and in this case your business who would have thought such an innocent creature could cause so much harm?

The first call of action should be identifying your problem accurately, it may be a case that you have another winged insect wreaking havoc on your property not bees, it could be anything from wasps to hornets.

Honey bees are easy to spot with their brown/orange and black pattern, smaller in size. Bumble bees are relatively larger with yellow and black pattern and white speck at the bottom of their bottom. Wasps are smaller and more slender than bees. Take photos from a distance and compare to reference images online to accurately identify the species. More ways to identify the threat outlined here.

How to get rid of bees from your business

The most obvious piece of advice we can offer and something that shouldn’t need to be said is to not mess around bee’s nest yourself, this is a job for a professional. Bees are potentially deadly for those with allergies too so keep that in mind, you do not want to disturb them even more and cause a health hazard.

As a business you’ll likely have plenty of contacts who would be interested in taking a live bee hive off of your hands, in many cases bee keepers seek out hives like this and only charge for transport to your property.

This is taking into consideration the bee colony in question needs to be in perfect condition and easy to remove and transport. If not most bee keepers will charge a slightly larger fee to take the nuisance off your hands (well not for them of course), expect to pay around $100-200 for this service, cost increasingly the higher the bee colony is off the ground.

Bee colonies are generally less of a hazard and more accessible when they are a in an open outdoor area, if they’re indoors or in walls and indoor areas you’ll need to call an exterminator and consider extra cost for internal damage repair.

Use this as a last resort as it’s unethical to remove bees in this way and keeping the colony alive is recommend as they play such an important role, so it’s recommend to get rid of them naturally. If extermination is the only option after considering the other avenues expect to pay around the $200 mark for an extermination company to rid you of a bee colony.

There are several species of bees to keep an eye out for that all contribute different types of damage, disruption and problems for your business. Honey bees generally cost more to remove as they can in large numbers and often create internal damage to building and walls.

Their hives are often internal too which means cutting through walls to remove them which costs more including repairing the damage afterwards. Expect to pay anything from $200-700 for a service like this factoring in damages.