I’m going to guess that for starters, you’re wondering what an organic chocolate is. For many people, organic chocolates are those expensive chocolates that are no different from the normal chocolates. The truth is that there is a very hug difference. Unlike the normal chocolates, organic chocolates are made from cocoa beans that weren’t treated with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. They are also made with other ingredients such as sugar, milk, nuts, fruit, spices, and many more, depending on the flavor.

Organic Chocolate

What Is the Harm of Eating Conventional Chocolate?

Below are some of the unpleasant things that can be found in conventional chocolates:

  • They have a high fructose corn syrup (corn sugar), and that is linked to gaining weight, cavities and poor nutrition.
  • They have artificial flavoring and coloring that can cause allergies and exacerbates to some people.
  • This is probably the scariest one of them all, wax. They could contain wax in them, and we will not even mention the sort of harm that it can cause to our bodies.

From the above points mentioned above, it is clear to say that organic chocolates are way safer than conventional ones. They come at a pretty penny, but when you consider the health risks of the conventional chocolates, we could safely say that organic chocolates are worth the penny.

Jiva Organics

Now that we are talking about organic foods, we might as well take a look at Jiva Organics. This site is informative, and we’re going to look at some of the information on the site. It deals with organic foods and health.

Celery Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Celery has been used in a number of foods for a long time now, because of the flavor and the scent that it brings to a meal. It can be grown organically so that it is super healthy to eat. Check out the nutrition facts below:

  • An average stalk has approximately 10 calories at the most.
  • It doesn’t have any fats, approximately 0.1 grams.
  • It has approximately 0.5 grams of fiber in each stalk.
  • It contains traces of vitamins A and C.
  • Approximately 100 mg of potassium can be found in every stalk.
  • It keeps your cholesterol down because of the potassium, and this means that your arteries won’t get clogged
  • It regulates lipid metabolism, whereby fats are burned off.
  • Celery has polyphenol and flavonoid antioxidants that help in clearing out the free radicals that are produced in the body due to oxidative stress.
  • It helps improve the liver, since the liver can now process fats that build up.
  • Celery helps to manage infections because it contains anti-microbial properties that help with keeping the growth of bacteria, which is the cause of infections in our bodies.
  • It could help to reduce the chances of cancer, since it contains polyacetylenes, compounds that protect cells. These reduce the risk of cancerous cells being formed, and regulate how certain cells are formed.
  • It helps to prevent cancer, since it has ethanol extracts that help to protect the linings around the digestive tract. This restores the gastric mucus that keeps that part of the body protected and healthy. The mucus covers certain surfaces to keep the body in shape.


It is good to eat organic foods since they have more health benefits as compared to regular foods. You can check out the Jiva Organics website and you’ll find a host of information regarding organic products.