Who says that eating excess chocolates are not good for your health? Well chocolate juice is a blend of many vegetables that are excellent for health. These act as anti-cancerous and boost up energy levels in your body.

People who are not really fond of dairy products can intake chocolates in many other ways such as making juices out of various vegetables and fruits. Consuming drinks according to your taste seems so lure and refreshing.  Here are some very tempting recipes that you must try.

Chocolate Juice Recipes

  1. Chocoveg:

This is one of the simplest drink that you can easily make. All you need in this is

Ingredients: Carrots, lettuce, spinach, a few drops of chocolate sweetener and ice.

Method: Firstly wash all the veggies and cut them into pieces. Next put the carrots into the blender and blend them properly. After you have done blending the carrots put the lettuce and spinach into the best juicer that you have and continue blending until you get a fine juiced mixture.

Now one you have made the juice out of these vegetables, add the chocolate sweetener according to you taste (depending how chocolaty you want your drink to be). Crush the ice into the juice, pure it in serving glasses and you are good to go.

  1. Choctastic:

Ingredients: 1 orange, a banana, one or two slices of pineapple, some chocolate, low fat yogurt and ice.

Method: In a juicer just blend the orange and pineapple slices. After this add the chocolate bars and blend the mixture again. Lastly add three tablespoons of yogurt as well as the crushed ice to get the juice cold. Then serve and enjoy.

  • ChocNut Green Juice:

Ingredients: Coconut milk or water, pineapple, cacao powder, baby spinach and ice.

Method: You need to add coconut milk in a blender first, then add pineapple, cacao powder and baby spinach accordingly (mint or any other green vegetable can be added too). Put the ice cubes and blend the mixture again to get it chilled.

Drink and refresh yourself.

  • Dark Choco Juice:

Ingredients: Banana, cabbage leaves, some hemp, flex, almond milk, coconut milk, spinach, chocolate powder and ice.

Method: All you have to do is just add all the ingredients in a blender and get them into a fine mixture. Add ice after this and your drink is ready to be served.

  • Choco Milk Green Juice:

Ingredients: Carrots, spinach, lettuce.

Method: Blend the carrots well into the juice and add either spinach or lettuce according to your taste (you can even add both). Bring it into a fine mixture to serve.

Those who are not fond of eating vegetables can surely start loving them by trying all the above recipes told in a different way. These are something new and are must to try. You will surely love it.

In order to make these recipes, make sure that you have the best blenders as well as the best juicers available to use. The better the quality of the machinery you use; the healthier and more refined your juices will be!