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3 Tips for Photographing Chocolate

If you’re as much of a chocoholic as I am, then you love ogling over your chocolate almost as much as eating it! That smooth milk- or dark-chocolate finish is irresistible, and photographing your chocolate is a great way to preserve that enticing visual forever!

If you are excited about photographing this delicious treat, make sure you keep these 3 tips in mind so you can add delicious chocolate photography to your portfolio.

3 Tips for Photographing Chocolate

Selecting Your Chocolate

The key to taking great pictures of chocolate lies in the choosing the right piece to begin with. White, dark, and milk chocolates all come in distinctly different shades, but can all look exquisite with the right lighting and composition.

Decide how you want to compose your photograph; do you want to use a lighter background? Go with milk or a dark chocolate. Prefer a darker background? White chocolate might work better for you.

Handling Your Chocolate

More important than the type of chocolate you choose to shoot is the condition of the chocolate.  A giant fingerprint (or any other blemish) on the piece is going to shine through no matter what type of chocolate, and can ruin your photograph. Be sure to choose the most pristine pieces you can find, and choose several of each piece you want to photograph.

When handling your chocolates, remember to:

  • Keep the room at an appropriate temperature; about 68-72℉ is ideal
  • Use tongs when moving or changing the position of the chocolates in your frame. You can also try using a soft paintbrush to push pieces around, or even some chopsticks
  • If you must handle a piece of chocolate directly, wear cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints

Composing Your Chocolate

Chocolate tends to be small, which means it is usually photographed up close. This often leads to interesting ideas when composing your chocolate photography. Remember that up close any flaws are magnified, so be sure you’ve chosen some great pieces and handled them appropriately.

When composing your chocolate photography, remember to:

  • Use an appropriate backdrop for your pictures. Black, white, and tan backdrops work for contrasting colors, and you might also consider red or pink if you want to incorporate a more romantic feel
  • Create a sense of scale through creative use of boxes and bowls. You can even use the packaging the piece of chocolate came in for staging of your chocolate
  • Use any other foils, ribbons, or props such as cookies or milk to stylize your photographs even further to make them even more interesting.

The most important thing to remember when photographing chocolate is why you love chocolate in the first place!

When we are fantasizing about that perfect piece of our favorite chocolate to take the edge off a long day, we definitely have an idea in our minds as to what that looks like; it’s your job to recreate that fantasy through careful and creative handling and staging of your chocolate.

The best part is that with all the SEO tips for photographers available on the internet nowadays, chocolate photography is not only an excellent way to practice your craft, but can also be a real asset in growing your portfolio and getting it seen by the masses online!

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Crazy Chocolate

You could pretty well ask anyone, particularly any woman, you come in contact with whether or not chocolate is a preference. And, most everyone, women especially, will admit their affinity for that melt in your mouth delicacy. But what about some crazy chocolate stuff? Weird gifts and flavors? Well, here’s your chance to learn more.

While there are plenty of opportunities to learn great food photography tips, your ability to embrace the variability found in chocolate is probably lesser. However, we are pretty certain that once you discover these crazy chocolate things you’ll wish you’d paid better attention to the photography tips. You will want to memorialize these adventures in photographic form for sure.

Crazy Chocolate

Crazy Chocolate Gifts

We’ve all received the old standby, a box of chocolates, for anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day gifts. But what if our loved ones decided we were worthy of some more remarkable chocolate delicacies? Share this article with them to give them some interesting ideas:

  • Wine– Yes, you read that right, chocolate wine. The inventor combines a fizzy red wine with chocolate flavors. Serve it chilled and check out some more here.
  • Cheese– It’s been around since the 1960s and although it sounds wholly unappetizing, its longevity proves otherwise.
  • BBQ Sauce– Milk chocolate is added to this family’s original barbeque sauce blend.
  • Beer– Peruvian cocoa nibs make this beer taste a little like toffee, espresso, and molasses. North Carolina bars will have it on tap near Valentine’s Day in case you’ve got a hankering.
  • Perfume– Sounds like a good way to attract women, but it’s actually designed for the ladies and incorporates citrus as well as cocoa scents.
  • Crickets– You can join the I Ate a Bug Club with a gift like this.
  • Tea– Dessert teas that come in a variety of chocolate centered flavors. These are produced by the Republic of Tea. You can check them out here.
  • Pasta– Imagine dark chocolate linguine on your plate with a raspberry gemelli. Pretty yummy!

Crazy Chocolate Flavors

No doubt those crazy chocolate gifts got your attention. You might have been thinking about how best to photograph that chocolate cheese, but now we’d like you to switch gears. We want to bring crazy chocolate flavors to the forefront of your thought:

  • Camel Milk– Made in Dubai, this chocolate employs camel’s milk (which is apparently low in fat) for the purposes of making a very distinctive tasting dessert.
  • Wasabi- Japan is notorious for making crazy chocolate flavors. KitKat seems to be a favorite brand to manipulate. Here we find a wasabi KitKat edition that is available on Amazon. Look at this.
  • Ginger– Might be a great chocolate to eat when you’re sick since ginger is supposedly good for the throat.
  • Lavender– It has now left the realm of air freshening and has joined forces with chocolate.
  • Mayan Heat- This is some seriously spicy chocolate, but there are no dairy products in it, so can that really count as chocolate?
  • Bacon– Yes, someone actually created a bacon bar. Chocolate and bacon combined? Well, that flavor is up for debate!
  • Tobacco– No doubt the oddest combination, this chocolate delicacy incorporates rum and cognac marinated tobacco leaves.

Taking pictures of the crazy chocolate gifts is certainly a good idea, but taking pictures of people’s faces when they try these crazy chocolate flavors is probably infinitely more entertaining. Think about it!

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