Eat chocolate before diving — it’s not just scrumptious to munch on, it’s useful for your dive health. Chocolate soothes the outer layer of your skin; chocolate soothes your soul and does so much more. At the point when ingested in small sums, chocolate empowers the body during exercise and helps post-exercise recovery of muscles. The best part is that chocolate has properties that help keep up heart health for divers and decrease the physiological burdens related with decompression sickness (DCS), helping in post-dive recuperation.

There is still a great deal of talk among analysts about the factors and specifics of how cocoa functions emphatically on cardiovascular wellbeing, physical execution, and lessening dangers of DCS, yet it does. As a rule, results point to activation of nitric oxide (NOS), anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing effects.

The Benefits of Eating Chocolate Before Scuba Diving

The Benefits of Eating Chocolate Before Scuba Diving

Why should you eat chocolate before diving?

You have our permission to eat chocolate before diving, however a small amount goes far. A normal chocolate bar is 40 to 45 grams, or around 1.5 ounces. As per the research, ingestion of only 30 grams of dark chocolate one hour before diving can forestall something many refer to as endothelial dysfunction. Endothelium cells tend to form an inner lining for your blood vessels, where the nearness of NOS and inflammation factor into the body’s capacity to process substances going to and from the blood and body tissues. NOS causes hindrance in bubble formation. Basically expressed, properties in dark chocolate help with off-gassing and help prevent DCS.

Eating chocolate before a workout keeps up blood-glucose levels, higher insulin levels and diminishes oxidative pressure. This helps divers workout harder and more, and also build more muscle and recover faster. Divers wishing to lose muscle versus fat will profit by eating chocolate after an exercise to abstain from meddling in fat loss. Dark chocolate or cocoa is the best option and it is essential to consume it within 45 minutes after exercise.

So when you plan your cozumel discover scuba diving trip, be sure to pack some dark chocolate with you as well. This will help you reap maximum benefits of eating the chocolate and you will be able to nibble on some before each of your scuba dives. Once in the water, you will be able to witness the breathtaking beauty of the marine life including coral reefs. Cozumel truly is heaven on earth!

Eating chocolate after a workout

Low-fat or no fat chocolate milk is outstanding amongst other post-exercise recovery drinks. Some exercise enthusiasts have a craving for chocolate milk in the wake of running or training at high intensities. Chocolate milk gives sugars, protein and amino acids (the building blocks of protein), reestablishing tired muscles, giving vitality to build muscle, accelerating recovery and preventing muscle soreness. Studies depict benefits by eating three to four ounces of dark chocolate preceding high-intensity exercise and exercises enduring lasting more than 90 minutes. This likens to 1/some 70 percent dark cocoa powder added to milk, water or non-dairy milk. Decreasing the bit of chocolate to 1/8 glass is a sensible suggestion for less intense and shorter exercises.