Chocolate cravings are perennial. A treat of chocolate is something nobody would say ‘No’ to. Many folks keep chocolates stored to use for baking, as a special treat, or to satisfy their midnight cravings. Also, chocolates can be given as a gift.

Chocolates do not go bad soon but they can spoil if not stored appropriately. If you have brought a bundle of chocolates that means you are going to keep it for long. For that, you are supposed to keep it away from a certain condition that is likely to change its taste.

Tips for Preserving Chocolate

Tips for Preserving Chocolate

Read some of the best ways to keep the chocolates fresh for a long period:

Store chocolates at a right temperature:

The best temperature to store chocolates is between 60 and 65°F. Extreme conditions will not you enjoy the original taste of the chocolates. Heat doesn’t only wreck the shape, but also drive away the aroma as well as taste. The chocolates gone through the heating process will taste so bad that you would want to throw them. Similarly, if we talk about the chocolates stored under too cold conditions, it would cause bloom and also affect the crystalline structure of the chocolate. Stored under above-told temperature will not turn your bars into junk.

Store at dry places:

Again, if you want to keep the chocolate fresh, make sure that you do not keep it where the humidity is more than 50%. The sugar will come out on the surface if excess moisture condenses on the chocolate. A sugar bloom would wreck the texture same as fat bloom. Store your bars at dry places where humidity is less than 50%.

Avoid direct sunlight:

As mentioned earlier, heat is not good to keep the chocolates for long. Contact with sunlight will heat up the chocolate that worsens the flavor as well.

Avoid strong odors:

Chocolates absorb strong odors. Avoid keeping it near the items that have a strong smell. For instance, you the bars are stored somewhere neat garlic or kimchee in a refrigerator, the chocolate will absorb the smell and the taste will be ruined. You should even keep the flavored bars separate from the plain bars.

Wrap the chocolate up well:

Storing in the refrigerator is not quite a good idea but it can work if you do not have to store for long. In that case, wrap it up properly to keep it fresh.

Storing in a pressure canner:

A pressure canner is one of the options particularly if you have a chocolate sauce to store. If you invest in a pressure canner, its purpose would be manifold. You cannot only preserve chocolate sauce with it, you can also store fruits and vegetables. You may have a garden where you have grown a variety of fruit and vegetables. There are chances you have an excess of them. There is not a chance of anything get wasted if you have a pressure canner. You can preserve this freshness through pressure canning.

Pressure canning is basically a process where the content is sterilized at a minimum of 240°F for the required time. No chemicals or preservatives are needed this way. Preservation with pressure canning is effective only if you have a right pressure canner. A good pressure canner has the characteristics like easy to use, able to attain the accurate pressure, able to maintain that pressure, and have good safety features. You will find some best rated pressure cooker canner on with the detail of their amazing features. You would also find the detailed information on the features a good canner should have.