Chocolate is a love language. Well, not really, but most women will admit a much improved mood when someone gives them chocolate. For instance, yesterday we gave our neighbor some milk chocolate salted caramel squares from a local chocolatier. We knew she was having a rough time. Later we got a text that proclaimed our positions as the “best neighbors ever!” Improved mood associated with chocolate might not be a surprise to you, but wait until you get a load of these shocking secrets about chocolate.

Go, now, put on your chef coats. It is time to learn some crazy things about chocolate that you never knew about. And, while you’re picking out your cooking attire, look for one that has pockets. Get a cool coat so that you look good wearing it while you’re indulging in this heavenly confection. Seriously, find a coat that can flatter your physique and be comfortable at the same time. Because, we are about to learn a little about making chocolate.

Shocking Secrets About Chocolate

Chocolate Making Secrets

Ok, so this isn’t the most shocking section of this piece, but maybe you have always wondered how chocolate was made. And, now that you’re in your chef coat, you’re thinking you might like to try making some yourself. Good. Here’s the story on how chocolate is made:

  • It comes from a tree near the equator.
  • The tree has fruit with beans in it.
  • The beans look a lot like almonds and consist of 50% fat from cacao.
  • Before the beans are roasted, they are allowed to ferment for two weeks.
  • Beans are then ground and the skin is removed.
  • Then everything is heated to cause separation of the bitter from the sweet butter.
  • Then some of the cacao butter is added back into the bitter cacao.
  • That makes a good tasting chocolate. Read more.

Places to Get Cacao Beans

Now that you know it grows near the equator, you are probably wondering where to get the beans, so you can attempt to make your own. But, if you don’t know which places have the best cacao, you will be supremely disappointed in the chocolate you create. So, check these facts out about the various places to get cacao beans:

  1. Ecuador- It’s mild and is good with mild red wines.
  2. Venezuela- Varied taste over time. Some say this is where the best chocolate comes from. Learn more.
  3. Madagascar– Strong and blends well with strong red wines.
  4. Ghana- Sweet but not mild. It is actually one of the strongest chocolates. Very dry.
  5. Trinidad– Some think it reminds them of cardamom. It’s a good cooking chocolate and works well with white wine.
  6. Java- Like the name suggests, this one is good with coffee. It can be used as a replacement for milk and sugar in coffee.
  7. Chuao– Reminds you of lemon and lime. It is kind of fruity, comparatively.

Types of Cacao Beans

The last section of our shocking secrets should really help you when it comes to deciding to make your own chocolate. There are three kinds of cacao beans. And knowing the difference, will certainly affect the flavor and satisfaction found in the chocolate you create. Here they are:

  1. Criollo- The best. It creates a fine blend of sweet and sour.
  2. Forastero- The most common. Cheap chocolate utilizes this bean. Sugar is used to disguise its bitterness. Believe it or not, Godiva uses these.
  3. Trinitario- A blend between the other two beans.

Dying for some more chocolate secrets? Read this.