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3 Tips for Photographing Chocolate

You’ve heard about the health benefits of eating dark chocolate several times, but were you aware of the beauty benefits of applying dark chocolate? That’s right; chocolate face masks, hair masks, and moisturizers don’t just exist for chocolate lovers who’d like having their skin products edible but because cocoa (the chocolate element) is one of the best ingredients for smooth, glowing skin and hair for a couple of reasons.

  • Moisturizes Skin.

Vitamins A, B1, C, D, E, Iron, and Calcium are the nutrients that help in removing dead skin cells which are abundantly available in dark chocolate. Add a DIY chocolate body scrub to your skincare routine for rejuvenating and bringing a healthy glow to your skin.

For the scrub, you will need:

  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 3 TBSP Cocoa powder
  • 4 TBSP Olive oil

Add all the above ingredients together, mix, and apply. Store the remaining scrub in an empty container and use it weekly for observable results; you’ll fall in love with your soft skin in no time!

  • Advances hair growth and enhances dull strands.

Zinc, Iron, and Copper are the facilitators of cell renewal and growth which again, are found altogether in dark chocolate; for long and thick hair not only is it vital to add chocolate into your diet but to introduce masks into your hair care routine is just as necessary.

For a DIY chocolate hair mask, you will need:

  • 1 Cup prepared green tea
  • A chunk of melted cocoa butter
  • Cocoa powder
  • Castor oil
  • Honey

Add the cocoa butter into moderately warm green tea with the other ingredients, mix and apply. The application should be kept for 15-20 minutes if you’re fair-haired, and 40-60 minutes if you’re dark-haired. It is also advised to not use any other hair product after washing the chocolate hair mask because the nutrients contained last in action for 48 hours.

  • It protects skin against UV rays.

The substances such as Flavonols are something that dark chocolate is filled with. These Flavonols are proven to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays. Furthermore, application of dark chocolate on the skin can be useful in reform the skin that has had direct exposure to sunlight.

If complying with the instructed ingredients and staying true to the remedies mentioned above is too much of a hassle, no problem! Various beauty brands such as Vaseline, Lush, MuLondon, Nivea, and others have also introduced products containing cocoa butter and powder which can be a great addition to your daily routine.

Having dark chocolate exposed to both your skin and hair is a secret guaranteed to have you shine bright like a diamond, what more could a person want? This disclosure might make one wonder, whether Moti Ferder; the president/CEO of Lugano Diamonds, keeps a rich storage of dark chocolate to keep his diamonds that luminous and beautiful! If you’re interested in purchasing or learning more about their luxurious diamond collections, refer to their website; after all, the best diamonds on the best skin would look wonderful, right?

Moreover, it has been recommended by numerous nutritionists worldwide to promote awareness of the health benefits of chocolate; however, not everyone is fond of chocolate that has no less than 70% cocoa and less amount of sugar in that ratio because honestly, who likes sweet not being sweet? Everyone adores chocolate for its deliciously sugary and creamy taste so that bitterness in it is surely a no-no, no? Hence it can be easily recommended to apply chocolate to yourself rather than forcefully maintaining it in your daily diet.

Save yourself the embarrassment of being laughed at for grimacing in front of your family because dark chocolate is healthy to eat and start scrubbing!

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How to Taste Gourmet Belgian Chocolate

Gourmet Belgian Chocolate

Gourmet chocolates can be genuine perfect works of art of culinary craftsmanship; and like with a fine wine, knowing how to taste the numerous flavors and surfaces of extravagance chocolate is a system that will improve your understanding, gratefulness and ideally you’re eating knowledge! These abilities will likewise help you to differentiate between genuine enchanted chocolate and chocolate that is simply all around bundled.

Similarly, as with everything in life, there is no all inclusive formula to appreciate chocolate: come up with your own chocolate recipe and make a point to get all the delight from it. Then again, on the off chance that you need to attempt a more formal tasting, here’s some counsel that we trust you’ll acknowledge and that you can appreciate with your friends.

Every time our Master Chef makes another accumulation of Belgian chocolates it takes me back to first standards.

How about we begin from the earliest starting point: the chocolate.

Locate a good chocolate maker and get to know the kind of chocolates they make, and purchase various types: try milk, dim and white, potentially exploring different avenues regarding chocolates that you’ve never had. In the event that you are milk-chocolate significant other, bear in mind to incorporate some dim or white in the grouping you get. Try not to be terrified to incorporate a couple of bizarre flavors, for instance, ocean salt adjusts the sweetness of chocolate wonderfully, and pepper upgrades the gritty notes of cacao.visit their official website for more updates.

The perfect temperature to appreciate gourmet Belgian chocolates is 20°C.
Eat with your eyes, orchestrate them pleasantly, for example, laying them out so you can see the movement from light to dull. Pay consideration on the sparkle and the shade of every piece, as this is regularly an intimation to their taste. Keep in mind: individuals’ recognition is frequently commanded by what the eyes see.

Since everything is organized, examine the chocolate and taste it:

Keep in mind the four essential elements: Look, Texture, Flavor and Aroma.
A praline that begins softening in your grasp rapidly demonstrates a high measure of cocoa margarine, which is a decent sign.

Step 1 – Biting the chocolate

While gnawing a chocolate with a shell, it ought to split not disintegrate. Delicate chocolates won’t show these attributes.

Step 2 – Chewing the chocolate

Bite the chocolate in your mouth a couple times. At that point push the chocolate to the highest point of your mouth. Let the dissolved chocolate, wait in your mouth and permit the flavors to turn out.

Step 3 – Aftertaste

Swallow the chocolate and harp on the heavenly flavor that remaining parts. Length – each chocolate has an alternate length of trailing sensation which characterizes it. A genuine expert uses this to guarantee that the right adjust of fixings has been utilized.

Tasting Sheets

Monitor the chocolates you like with a tasting sheet.
Flavor: distinguish the fundamental flavors you can taste.

Gourmet Belgian Chocolate

Delayed flavor impression: distinguish the trailing sensation of the chocolate.
Endures in mouth: to what extent does the flavor wait in the mouth: short medium, long?checkout more details at http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/01/nuit-belge-festival-takes-belgian-beerfood-pairing.html

Composition: what surfaces best characterize this chocolate all around. It should have a healthy recipe.


Take a chomp of an unsalted saltine and a taste of water to clear the sense of taste, then attempt the following chocolate

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