The Health Benefits Of Crepe Makers And SKillets

A lot of family members have bought a crepe maker. It happens to be a great tool for those who want a top quality crepe maker.

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Ingredients To Add To Your Favorite Pizza

There is a lot of business when it comes to selling pizzas. Several companies rule over the entire pizza world

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The Health Benefits Of Crepe Makers And SKillets

A lot of family members have bought a crepe maker. It happens to be a great tool for those who want a top quality crepe maker.

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Tips for Effective Storage of Chocolate

Want to store your chocolate the best way possible? Here are some awesome tips!

Try not to REFRIGERATE! Chocolate effectively retains smells of whatever’s in the refrigerator (Roquefort cheddar, lamb curry — you get the idea). Moisture in the ice chest can likewise prompt “sugar blossom,” which means the sugar ascends to the surface and stains the chocolate (which has no impact on flavor, yet doesn’t look very appealing). So rather than the fridge:

Store it in a cool, dry place. At the point when chocolate is kept at a steady temperature beneath 70°F (in a perfect world in the range of 65 and 68°F), and at a humidity level of under 55%, the emulsion of cocoa solids and cocoa spread will remain stable for a considerable length of time.

Tips for Effective Storage of Chocolate

Be that as it may, even in a cool, dry place: Remember that cocoa butter (the vegetable fat in chocolate) tends to absorb the scent of whatever is around it. So unless you need your bonbons and bars to have an aftertaste like vanilla essence or garlic powder, take after the following principle:

Seal them in a water/air proof compartment. Oxygen does exactly what you’d anticipate that it will — it oxidizes chocolate, which makes not as much as perfect flavors create. Also, in spite of the fact that chocolates are not known to be a most loved nourishment of vampires…

Keep them far from the light! Not just daylight (unless you need to make fondue), even artificial light. They both cast a similar sort of awful flavor spell as oxygen does.

Storing along these lines, chocolate will last a while: Solid milk chocolate keeps for over a year; solid dark keeps for about two years; and white for four months. Filled chocolates, for example, truffles, keep for around three to four months (unless they’re brimming with additives).

Obviously, most good chocolates never contain any additives or added substances, so make sure to eat them while they’re new! Or, on the other hand, on the off chance that you have an extensive supply, make a candy buffet out of it and welcome your friends and family over to share. A chocolate buffet adds an ideal touch to weddings and parties.

It’s also important to protect your chocolate against pests and infestations. Pests and unwanted insects can ruin your chocolate in a matter of seconds and make it uneatable. You want to avoid that at all costs. Ensure that your kitchen is free from all kinds of pests especially termites. Opt for a termite protection plan to protect your kitchen and all that is inside your kitchen against these infestations. Check out this link: It will guide you on what termite protection plan will best suit you and everything else you need to know about termites.

Some of the time, you need to refrigerate: Summer’s hot, and not everybody utilizes air conditioning. In any case, before you place chocolate in the refrigerator, first wrap it firmly to secure against scents and buildup, at that point store it in an airtight container. When you take it out, let it return to room temperature before unwrapping. This will keep your chocolates palatable for somewhere in the range of three to six months.

Also, in the event that you have to store it longer: For spans of six months to a year, the freezer can be your companion. Take after the directions above for setting your chocolates in the cooler. Once an entire 24 hours have passed by, move the container from the refrigerator to your freezer (this diminishes the chances of temperature shock, and protects surface). To remove from the freezer — simply do the opposite. Move from the freezer to the fridge, hold up an entire 24 hours, take it out from the fridge, and let it come to room temperature before you finally unwrap them.

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The Best Ways to Promote Your Chocolate Business

If you are in the chocolate making business then you probably have the sweetest job in the world.  Chocolate making is a skill that takes quite a few years to perfect but your biggest task at making a success out of such a business is finding customers to buy your products.  Chocolate making isn’t easy and finding customers is extremely hard because so many businesses and stores only stick to well-known renown chocolate factories for their purchases.  You need a perfect marketing strategy in order to make a success out of your chocolate business.  Online marketing is the best way to promote your business for two major reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t cost you as much as other marketing methods like brochure printing and billboards and secondly, the internet is where you are going to reach most customers because everyone from across the globe can see your delicious chocolate products.

The Best Ways to Promote Your Chocolate Business

A website is the most basic essential

A website is the basic and most essential online promotional tool that you will need.  With a website everyone can easily get ahold of your contact details and product information.  Add an ecommerce store to your webpage and everyone can even shop comfortably from your chocolate business no matter where they are located.

Add a blog for improved webpage ratings and more online fun

A blog is great for giving clients just a little bit more info on everything you are doing and is also a great way to improve your online visibility and for boosting your webpage ratings so your webpage will reflect higher on Google’s search engine results.

Create social media pages and manage them effectively

Social media marketing is quite simple and mostly free.  Create social media pages on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can start promoting all of your gorgeous and tasty chocolates.

Use Advertise World for great online marketing

Advertise World is a great website to use to promote your chocolate business.  This company helps you to create a small image advert for your business.  The image advert is then promoted on lots of other relevant businesses where you are likely to get people that might be interested in buying chocolates.  When viewers clicks on these image adverts they are immediately redirected back to your webpage where they can learn more about your products and services.

Monetize your website with Advertise World

You don’t have to earn an income from just your chocolates.  You can also Monetise your website allowing Advertise World to rent out some advertising space on your own webpage or blog.  You will be paid for every advertisement that gets featured on your site or for every click that is redirected through the advertisement on your page.

Email marketing

Sending promotional emails is also a great way to reach clients and especially to inform older clients of new products or specials so they will be inspired to buy more of your chocolates.  Mass emailing is quite simple, all you need to do is create a good looking email and send it out to your entire contact list.

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Reasons to Give Chocolate Now

There are always a lot of gifts that can be given to people that you love. The gift that you give should be something that will be appreciated by the person. For example, if you know that your loved one is a gadget freak, would you actually give clothes? You need to think about what the person likes before you give anything.

It can be even trickier if you have to give a gift to someone that you are not particularly close to. For example, if you want to give a token of appreciation to a person, what do you think is the right gift to give? One easy thing that is rarely wrong to give is chocolates. Chocolate is normally appreciated by a lot of people. There are only a few people who would actually steer clear from chocolates.

There are instances when you have to give someone like Mark Dubowitz a gift. He is someone who is known for speaking his mind about the latest events that are happening in this world. In fact, if you want to know more about him, you can check out FDD and learn more about his views. If you want to show your appreciation for the things that he has spoken about so far, giving chocolates can be ideal.

Reasons to Give Chocolate Now

Here are other reasons why chocolates can be considered as the best gifts to give:

  1. Chocolates can be given to any person of all ages.

You do know that a lot of children just have this obvious love for chocolate. Give most children chocolate as long as they are not allergic to it or they do not have medical conditions that hinder them from eating chocolates and they will be truly happy. When you give chocolates to adults, you can also expect that it will bring out the child in them.

  1. Chocolates can be given no matter what the occasion is.

Giving chocolates is not limited to your loved one. You can give chocolates for birthdays, tokens and even for random events. If you want to show that you are sincere in saying thank you for something that another person has done for you, you can show it by giving chocolates. It is best to find chocolates that are nicely wrapped. It will make a lot of difference.

  1. Chocolates can be luxurious too.

While there are chocolates that do not cost a lot of money, there are also some brands that are well known for their exquisite taste and their luxurious flavors. If you want to splurge without making it too evident or if you are giving the chocolates to someone who really loves it, then this can be the perfect gift.

Whenever you engage in gift giving, you are actually making a person happier because you are connecting with the person in an emotional manner. We actually receive more positive vibes in our lives whenever we give as compared to when we receive. The best gift that you can provide at present time is chocolates so make sure that you pick the best.

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Health Benefits of eating chocolate

Known to be one of the best comfort snacks we all reach for a chocolate bar if we feel stressed or in need of cheering up. There are many people that believe chocolate isn’t good for you but with research proving so many different things we have found that there are many benefits to eating chocolate. Everything in moderation is obviously true when it comes to eating chocolate but a fair dose won’t do any harm and will actually improve your health. To most that would be the best news ever.

First of all chocolate is good for your heart and for your circulation. There are studies that prove that dark chocolate specifically restores the flexibility of your arteries and that it prevents clogging in your arteries. It actually reduces the risk of stroke which is a great benefit to those that suffer from hypertension and circulation ailments. Click here to read more about stroke prevention.

Health Benefits of eating chocolate

Chocolate is mineral rich which means it is great for anyone that is already suffering from serious illnesses like Cancer, Diabetes or heart problems. Take a look at True Health Diagnostics for more information about hereditary cancer diseases and statistics that will blow your mind. With the information offered by this article you will be able to pinpoint if you are at risk.

Chocolate is also fantastic for helping with the reduction of cholesterol. The consumption of cocoa is great and drastically reduces the levels of bad cholesterol and in turn raises good cholesterol. This is a great benefit to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Chocolate is also very good for your skin and protects it against sun damage.
This one will definitely create a bit of controversy but chocolate is actually a good ingredient to aid you in losing weight. A small bit of chocolate triggers the” I am full” hormone before meals which means you don’t get as hungry as you normally would after supper.

New mothers and babies also benefit from chocolate as it drastically reduces stress and keeps the baby happy. There have been studies that have shown that chocolate improves insulin sensitivity which means it helps with diabetes prevention. Click here to take a look at some great chocolate recipes.

One of the most important points is that chocolate is good for the brain. It is said that a certain part of chocolate actually increases your memory capacity which means that you will benefit from eating it and won’t lose your memory as easily as you age.  It is also beneficial for people with brain injuries. Last but not least chocolate makes you happy. This is a fact and we all can witness to it that we feel better once we experience that velvety softness melt in our mouths. Anything tastes good with chocolate. It is mentioned that most of the time the health benefits of chocolate are experienced when eating dark chocolate which is always delicious.

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How to Create the Best Chocolate Photography Portfolio

Making a portfolio is very important as it will determine the rate of success of a photographer. Everyone wants their collection of photos to come out perfectly and it is due to this reason that many take a long time coming up with a portfolio or they don’t at all. Contrary to popular belief, a portfolio does not have to be the best of all the work you have ever done, but it should be within a certain theme or style. It basically depends on what you want to use the portfolio for, is it for an interview, for a gallery or to attract potential clients, it all depends. For example a portfolio for a job interview you will have to show you have a variety of skills, while for a gallery your portfolio should be within the theme of the exhibition. Your audience is also an important consideration to make when creating a portfolio. The portfolio will be made according to the kind of reaction you want to evoke to your audience. Some of the things to keep in mind to make sure you have the best portfolio include:


This depends on what you are using the photos for and your audience. If there is a certain theme, it should blend with the theme. It is better to choose your best shots in the relevant theme. You can choose as many photos then you will narrow down on them later.

Number of images

Since you already had large number of photos, you can now narrow them down so that it is not too big and it should also not be too small. It is preferable that the photos are less than 100. You can ten ask the opinion of another person who has more experience on the same.

How to Create the Best Chocolate Photography Portfolio

Number of albums

When it comes to a portfolio, less is more. Divide your portfolio in the right way but make sure that you don’t have too many albums. The size of the album should be about right and the albums should have good names. Again it depends on what you are using the portfolio for.

Print or digital

Even though print photography is always common, we cannot ignore digital photography. As much as one may have a print portfolio, it is important to also have a digital version of the portfolio.  There are many photographer websites where one displays their portfolio. One can also take the route of making their own site to display their work.


If you are not making the portfolio for a gallery that already has a preset theme, you can come up with your own theme. This is a great way of displaying your work and you can apply creativity to even make it more exciting. The theme will depend on the kind of audience you have. Regardless of the theme, there should be however a balance between the color and the quality of the work.

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The Burning Chocolate Factory

Have you ever owned a thriving business and then something suddenly came by and brought it all to the ground, leaving you with nothing? We will take a chocolate factory, for example. You probably saved up for years to open up the chocolate factory because you both wanted to make a profit while at the same time seeing other people enjoying your chocolate products. You probably look forward to seeing all the love being expressed through chocolates and roses. One day you’re at work in your office smiling at the trend that the sales is taking when you hear a loud bang coming from the main plant. When you dash there, you find all of your equipment on fire, some of your staff injured and others on the verge of death, and everything that you’ve worked for a lifetime gone.

Those are the sorts of things that terrorism can bring into the lives of people. You once had the sweet tooth for the chocolates, but now you’re filled with hate for all those around you because someone with a demented mind decided to become a suicide bomber in your chocolate factory. That is the reason that the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies was founded, to foresee such disasters before they occur and wither negotiate or find solutions. Thanks to it, you can continue distributing those chocolates to you customers as you expand your brand.

The Burning Chocolate Factory

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) was founded shortly after the 9/11 bombing, and it is a non-profit, non-partisan policy foundation whose aim is to defend free nations against their enemies. The group of visionary philanthropists and policymakers who founded the foundation understood the threat facing America, Israel and the West. Jack Kemp was the Chairman at the time that it was founded, and Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick was among the founding board members.

Some of the people that advise FDD include Sen. Joe Lieberman, former National Security Advisor Robert “Bud” McFarlane, former FBI Director Louis J. Freeh, former State Department Under Secretary Paula Dobriansky, Gen. P.X. Kelley (ret.), Francis “Bing” West, Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, Weekly Standard Editor William Kristol, former CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Richard W. Carlson, and Forbes CEO Steve Forbes.

Those affiliated with FDD come from different backgrounds and have different political perspectives, but there are some things that are common amongst them:

  • No one should be denied basic human rights, including minority rights, women’s rights, and religious freedom.
  • Free and democratic nations have a right to defend themselves and an obligation to defend one another.
  • Terrorism, the deliberate use of violence against civilians to achieve political objectives, is always wrong and must never be condoned.

Bringing together policy research, counterterrorism and democracy education, strategic communications, and investigative journalism, FDD transforms research into ideas, and ideas into actions to bring about great results.

FDD works in the policy community, in the media, in the corridors of political power in Washington and other world capitals, and in courtrooms and classrooms.

Although FDD does not engage in political campaign activity of any type or to any extent whatsoever, its experts are available for nonpartisan academic presentations to all candidates for public office and their representatives.

Clifford D. May is the President of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a policy institute focusing on terrorism created immediately following the 9/11 attacks on the United States. He also happens to be the Chairman of the Policy Committee of the Committee on the Present Danger (CPD), an international, non-partisan organization based in Washington D.C. comprised of leading members of the national security community. Jack Kemp is the Board Chair. Kindly check out the executive leadership listed below:

Clifford D. May

Founder and President

Iran, Iraq, Islamism

Bill McCarthy

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Dubowitz


Iran – Sanctions, Iran – Human Rights, Syria

Toby Dershowitz

Senior Vice President

Lawrence Muscant

Vice President

Dr. Jonathan Schanzer

Senior Vice President

Israel, Arab Spring, Palestinian Politics

John Hannah

Senior Counselor

Iraq, Iran, Lebanon

All in all, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies was made with the common good of getting rid of threats before they are done, and so far, it has done quite a good job. We can live in peace knowing that Mark Dubowitz and his team are always on the lookout for any national and international threats.

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Winning Him to Buy You Chocolates

Every girl loves chocolates and would fancy if her guy buys her chocolates. Chocolates are more interest sting if they are coming from your special one. Yes buying yourself chocolate is not a big deal, but being given by your loved one is even more interesting.  You however have to get his attention for him to start buying you chocolates.  If you are seeking a sugar daddy to do that for you, there are many factors that come to play that you should know for you to be a success, they include:

Winning Him to Buy You Chocolates

Choose the right site

There are many websites from which one can get sugar daddies but some sites are more successful than others.  Different terms also have different terms and conditions that make them better than others. It’s upon you to do a research to find a site that will best suit your needs and a site with a high success rate.

Choose the right name

Whether you believe it or not, sugar baby names have an influence on the kind of mate you attract and your rate of success. In every site, the first step is choosing a sugar baby name. It will give others the first impression of who you are before they even get to know you. Your name should be easy to remember and identify. You don’t want a complicated name which one will hardly remember. Your name should also be short and sweet. People are more likely to remember short names as compared to long names.

Choose a good picture

A profile with a picture has a high success rate than a profile with no picture. A profile with a great picture has a chance of even higher success rate. Therefore you should choose a great picture to get more hits and make you win a sugar daddy easily.

Be positive

Everyone wants to be around people with positive energy. When you are positive you are automatically more attractive. Even if it’s through a written profile, people can still tell your positivity from the kind of words you choose to use, therefore choose words wisely so that you don’t come out negative, arrogant or rude.

Have confidence

There is nothing as good as being confident in yourself, it will make others confident in you. Confidence attracts confidence therefore you should always be confident. Show you understand yourself and what you want. No one wants someone who does not understand who they are. Make sure you don’t show any level of insecurity by any chance

Be fun

In your conversations don’t be uptight, try to be easy and fun at the same time flirty. It will make you more approachable and will make others want to be associated with you.


Once you have gotten his attention then anything is possible, you may start landing your chocolates. Always be positive, confident and wear the right outfits that flatter you. Also always remember to be interesting and fun and make him crave for your attention.

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Splendid Benefits of Eating Chocolates

Chocolate is a love of every one’s life. It is made up of tropical Theobroma cacao tree seeds (Latin name meaning Food of the Gods). These seeds are roasted and grounded into a liquid, paste or blocks forms in addition to flavoring ingredients. Cacao seeds have an intensely bitter and nasty taste, so they are completely processed and then utilized.

They are packed with good chemicals example flavonoids and theobromine. Dark chocolate is very nutritious as it’s loaded with 70-85% of cacao seeds. Chocolate is the ultimate source of comfort to the soul, mood enhancers, and romance inducers. Dark chocolates are the best source of nutrition. Chocolate is a source of food- contains iron, copper fiber, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc selenium, potassium, and manganese.

There are several types of chocolates which include dark chocolate, white chocolate, semi-sweet, bittersweet, sweet and milk chocolate. The key to eating chocolates is to adopt moderation in one’s life.

Splendid Benefits of Eating Chocolates

Try these health benefits of eating chocolates on for size:


Restores the flexibility of arteries by preventing blockage in the arteries through white blood cells sticking to the walls. Improves the cardiovascular health. Chocolate consumption decreases the levels of “bad fats” i.e. the Low-Density Lipoproteins and increases the number of healthy fats i.e. high-density lipoproteins.

Due to the effects of plant sterols (PS) or cocoa flavanols (CF) which have an antioxidant effect, decreases the oxidation of LDL Lipoproteins and inhibiting the formation of plaques on the artery walls.

Flavanols help in lowering blood pressure improves the blood flow to the heart by increasing the RELEASE OF Nitric OXIDE and makes platelets less sticky which help in clotting. Catechins (antioxidant) present in chocolates contribute to preventing heart diseases.

An inverse association, seen between the intakes of flavonoids found in chocolates against inflammation. The amount C-reactive protein, a biomarker of inflammation and a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases are reduced preventing inflammation.


Chocolates decrease the level of stroke due to the composition of flavonoids and antioxidants which battle against the agents provoking a stroke. Blood flow enhanced by eating chocolates. Moreover, prevents memory decline by improving blood flow. Boosts up the performance of the brain by increasing the levels of blood flow to central parts of brain keeping them highly active. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), which creates a feeling that you are depression free.

It encourages your brain to stimulate feel-good endorphins. Individuals try to stick to the diet plans; chocolate triggers the hormones serotonin in the brain leading to the satisfaction of full stomach which provokes the people to stick to their food plans and helps in losing weight.


The flavanol (Epicatechin) in cocoa helps in mitogenesis that is activating mitochondrial activity which leads to the formation of new cells. This whole process leads to the anti-aging property and fights against wrinkles which provide you a younger look. Flavonoids found in dark chocolate prevent the skin from UV light rays, fights against free radicals. It provides a glow to the skin by keeping the skin hydrated and maintaining thickness at all times.


Eating chocolate has a direct effect on exercise. Epicatechin a healthy ingredient found in chocolate attaches to the receptors in muscles which help them to resist fatigue. It improves the stamina and boosts up the performance. Epicatechin prompts the cells to release nitric oxide which causes vasodilation, improves the blood flow and boosts up the muscles to take in more blood sugar and provides oxygen to the cells leading to less fatigue.

Dark chocolate works as a boost in athlete’s performance during fitness training wearing. If you love to lift weights and looking for best shoes for lifting, Inov-8 company and the Adipower shoes offered by the famous Adidas, high-quality leather cross fit lifting shoes by Pendlay, and Reebok’s Cross fit Lite TR is a top-notch choice to buy for training.

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3 Tips for Photographing Chocolate

If you’re as much of a chocoholic as I am, then you love ogling over your chocolate almost as much as eating it! That smooth milk- or dark-chocolate finish is irresistible, and photographing your chocolate is a great way to preserve that enticing visual forever!

If you are excited about photographing this delicious treat, make sure you keep these 3 tips in mind so you can add delicious chocolate photography to your portfolio.

3 Tips for Photographing Chocolate

Selecting Your Chocolate

The key to taking great pictures of chocolate lies in the choosing the right piece to begin with. White, dark, and milk chocolates all come in distinctly different shades, but can all look exquisite with the right lighting and composition.

Decide how you want to compose your photograph; do you want to use a lighter background? Go with milk or a dark chocolate. Prefer a darker background? White chocolate might work better for you.

Handling Your Chocolate

More important than the type of chocolate you choose to shoot is the condition of the chocolate.  A giant fingerprint (or any other blemish) on the piece is going to shine through no matter what type of chocolate, and can ruin your photograph. Be sure to choose the most pristine pieces you can find, and choose several of each piece you want to photograph.

When handling your chocolates, remember to:

  • Keep the room at an appropriate temperature; about 68-72℉ is ideal
  • Use tongs when moving or changing the position of the chocolates in your frame. You can also try using a soft paintbrush to push pieces around, or even some chopsticks
  • If you must handle a piece of chocolate directly, wear cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints

Composing Your Chocolate

Chocolate tends to be small, which means it is usually photographed up close. This often leads to interesting ideas when composing your chocolate photography. Remember that up close any flaws are magnified, so be sure you’ve chosen some great pieces and handled them appropriately.

When composing your chocolate photography, remember to:

  • Use an appropriate backdrop for your pictures. Black, white, and tan backdrops work for contrasting colors, and you might also consider red or pink if you want to incorporate a more romantic feel
  • Create a sense of scale through creative use of boxes and bowls. You can even use the packaging the piece of chocolate came in for staging of your chocolate
  • Use any other foils, ribbons, or props such as cookies or milk to stylize your photographs even further to make them even more interesting.

The most important thing to remember when photographing chocolate is why you love chocolate in the first place!

When we are fantasizing about that perfect piece of our favorite chocolate to take the edge off a long day, we definitely have an idea in our minds as to what that looks like; it’s your job to recreate that fantasy through careful and creative handling and staging of your chocolate.

The best part is that with all the SEO tips for photographers available on the internet nowadays, chocolate photography is not only an excellent way to practice your craft, but can also be a real asset in growing your portfolio and getting it seen by the masses online!

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Shocking Secrets About Chocolate

Chocolate is a love language. Well, not really, but most women will admit a much improved mood when someone gives them chocolate. For instance, yesterday we gave our neighbor some milk chocolate salted caramel squares from a local chocolatier. We knew she was having a rough time. Later we got a text that proclaimed our positions as the “best neighbors ever!” Improved mood associated with chocolate might not be a surprise to you, but wait until you get a load of these shocking secrets about chocolate.

Go, now, put on your chef coats. It is time to learn some crazy things about chocolate that you never knew about. And, while you’re picking out your cooking attire, look for one that has pockets. Get a cool coat so that you look good wearing it while you’re indulging in this heavenly confection. Seriously, find a coat that can flatter your physique and be comfortable at the same time. Because, we are about to learn a little about making chocolate.

Shocking Secrets About Chocolate

Chocolate Making Secrets

Ok, so this isn’t the most shocking section of this piece, but maybe you have always wondered how chocolate was made. And, now that you’re in your chef coat, you’re thinking you might like to try making some yourself. Good. Here’s the story on how chocolate is made:

  • It comes from a tree near the equator.
  • The tree has fruit with beans in it.
  • The beans look a lot like almonds and consist of 50% fat from cacao.
  • Before the beans are roasted, they are allowed to ferment for two weeks.
  • Beans are then ground and the skin is removed.
  • Then everything is heated to cause separation of the bitter from the sweet butter.
  • Then some of the cacao butter is added back into the bitter cacao.
  • That makes a good tasting chocolate. Read more.

Places to Get Cacao Beans

Now that you know it grows near the equator, you are probably wondering where to get the beans, so you can attempt to make your own. But, if you don’t know which places have the best cacao, you will be supremely disappointed in the chocolate you create. So, check these facts out about the various places to get cacao beans:

  1. Ecuador- It’s mild and is good with mild red wines.
  2. Venezuela- Varied taste over time. Some say this is where the best chocolate comes from. Learn more.
  3. Madagascar– Strong and blends well with strong red wines.
  4. Ghana- Sweet but not mild. It is actually one of the strongest chocolates. Very dry.
  5. Trinidad– Some think it reminds them of cardamom. It’s a good cooking chocolate and works well with white wine.
  6. Java- Like the name suggests, this one is good with coffee. It can be used as a replacement for milk and sugar in coffee.
  7. Chuao– Reminds you of lemon and lime. It is kind of fruity, comparatively.

Types of Cacao Beans

The last section of our shocking secrets should really help you when it comes to deciding to make your own chocolate. There are three kinds of cacao beans. And knowing the difference, will certainly affect the flavor and satisfaction found in the chocolate you create. Here they are:

  1. Criollo- The best. It creates a fine blend of sweet and sour.
  2. Forastero- The most common. Cheap chocolate utilizes this bean. Sugar is used to disguise its bitterness. Believe it or not, Godiva uses these.
  3. Trinitario- A blend between the other two beans.

Dying for some more chocolate secrets? Read this.

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