Ingredients To Add To Your Favorite Pizza

There is a lot of business when it comes to selling pizzas. Several companies rule over the entire pizza world. It’s not something that we can all get into. Across 90 different countries, Pizza Hut has over 13 thousand different stores. That is a lot of different places to buy pizza from. The pizza maker that you need could be different from what others need.

The United States has over 60,000 different pizzerias. Despite Pizza Hut’s popularity, Dominoes is still the lead when it comes to pizza delivery. During 2012, Pizza Hut generated over 1.6 billion dollars in take-home income. It actually made closer to three billion dollars in cash.

The next time you think about ordering a pizza you should consider the massive amount of money that these corporations are making. In fact, many experts think that Dominoes will completely overtake Pizza Hut in terms of net income.

They’re positioned to do it, but nobody knows for sure how it will play out. The good news is you can buy your own pizza oven and enjoy the benefits that it has to provide. Worldwide, over five billion pizzas are sold every single year.

Third Largest Pizza Chain

The third biggest pizza provider on the planet is Papa John’s. They make so many pizzas every year that it would make your head spin. There is a lot of beef that takes place in the pizza world.

Papa John’s and Pizza Hut are especially known for beefing with each other. In 1998, Pizza Hut actually sued Papa John’s because they claimed to have better pizza than Pizza Hut.