Making a portfolio is very important as it will determine the rate of success of a photographer. Everyone wants their collection of photos to come out perfectly and it is due to this reason that many take a long time coming up with a portfolio or they don’t at all. Contrary to popular belief, a portfolio does not have to be the best of all the work you have ever done, but it should be within a certain theme or style. It basically depends on what you want to use the portfolio for, is it for an interview, for a gallery or to attract potential clients, it all depends. For example a portfolio for a job interview you will have to show you have a variety of skills, while for a gallery your portfolio should be within the theme of the exhibition. Your audience is also an important consideration to make when creating a portfolio. The portfolio will be made according to the kind of reaction you want to evoke to your audience. Some of the things to keep in mind to make sure you have the best portfolio include:


This depends on what you are using the photos for and your audience. If there is a certain theme, it should blend with the theme. It is better to choose your best shots in the relevant theme. You can choose as many photos then you will narrow down on them later.

Number of images

Since you already had large number of photos, you can now narrow them down so that it is not too big and it should also not be too small. It is preferable that the photos are less than 100. You can ten ask the opinion of another person who has more experience on the same.

How to Create the Best Chocolate Photography Portfolio

Number of albums

When it comes to a portfolio, less is more. Divide your portfolio in the right way but make sure that you don’t have too many albums. The size of the album should be about right and the albums should have good names. Again it depends on what you are using the portfolio for.

Print or digital

Even though print photography is always common, we cannot ignore digital photography. As much as one may have a print portfolio, it is important to also have a digital version of the portfolio.  There are many photographer websites where one displays their portfolio. One can also take the route of making their own site to display their work.


If you are not making the portfolio for a gallery that already has a preset theme, you can come up with your own theme. This is a great way of displaying your work and you can apply creativity to even make it more exciting. The theme will depend on the kind of audience you have. Regardless of the theme, there should be however a balance between the color and the quality of the work.