Vegans get to hear lots of questions such as “how they manage to get protein for their body” or “can they even eat chocolate.” Apart from this, there has always been misinformation about veganism such as you cannot get all the nutrition from just plants-derived stuff. It is also characterized as eating disorder. Although, it is a conscious choice made by an individual. It is also said that people opt for this because it has become trend while it is just a concept of abstaining from animal products because animals do not have to die to fill your stomach.

It is not the end of myths about veganism, you would also get to hear that you cannot be a bodybuilder or an athlete of your diet does not include animals. You would come across a heap of an example where players are vegan. List of these myths goes on and on, but all this is misinformation. You should visit and find out the twenty truths about the veganism. If you love being a vegan, you should not wave off this thought as all you need to go ahead and read the mind-blowing truths.

Chocolates: Are These for Vegans As Well?

However, if somebody asks if you can eat chocolate, give your answer with a ‘yes’ and justify it with the following points:

Chocolates come from plants:

Chocolate comes from a plant justifies it being a vegan really well. They come from the pod of the cocoa tree. The one we get from the grocery stores has been gone through a process where a variety of additives are added. That includes sugar, milk, and milk fat. A good quality chocolate has pure ingredients and a higher chocolate content with no additives. The stuff used in these chocolates would be cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, lecithin, and occasionally vanilla. You can check the nutritional properties of raw cocoa; it actually has nutritional benefits. There is no doubt that pure and good quality chocolate us vegan.

Low quality chocolates are not vegan:

Such chocolates would have a long list of ingredients which do not only contain cheap fillers like food starch and artificial flavors but also have milk solids and milk fat. So, most of the chocolates are not for vegan due to the additives in them. However, the options available of vegan chocolates are not less. There is a range of its variety. Dark chocolates are usually vegan, but there are some that are low quality and contain milk. However, some producers make milk chocolate from non-dairy milk substitutes like almond milk and rice milk. You can get them from specialty grocers.

Where can you find vegan chocolates?

If you do not know the brands of vegan chocolates, here are some brands that are totally dairy-free, whey free, and casein-free. You can grab these chocolates from any grocery store. These are not marketed or labeled as vegan chocolates but can be named as accidentally vegan. They not being marketed as a vegan does not mean they have any animal ingredient. They are of high quality and free of additives and fillers. Your local chocolatier might have vegan options available.

Some accidentally vegan chocolate brands:

These are the brands that offer high-quality chocolates:

  • Chocolove ( Dark Chocolate and Orange Peel)
  • Newman’s Chocolate Bars (Sweet Dark Espresso and Sweet Dark Orange, regular and organic)
  • Trader Joe’s chocolate chips
  • Ritter Sport – Chocolate Mint and Marzipan.
  • Organic Equal Exchange Chocolate
  • Fanny May’s Dark 70% chocolate bars

Green and Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate